We are a Global Vegan Community for Travelers & Hosts. The meaning of word "Sudesh" translates as a beautiful country and there is always a beautiful country inside all of us, no matter wherever we travel or reside temporarily.

Vegan Travels Group is a virtual platform to connect you from fellow vegan travelers and hosts in order to have quality nomadic travel, life and everything in between. In other words, our purpose is to facilitate our members to travel and relocate across the world. 🌎

In general, our platform is made for everyone, whoever like to get more information and motivation from vegans to adopt a plant based lifestyle, travel and relocate in any popular countries, wherever our services are available. We help you by connecting to vegan hosts / community and local plant based businesses, no matter whenever or wherever you travel.

We also offer -

🌿 Tropical Collections. 

🌿 Plant Based Lifestyle Products. 

🌿 Support to Crueltyfree Business. 

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